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Letter Request For School Facility/Equipment (Sample)






___(Office Address)_________




Good day.


To constantly integrate effective functional services herein at ____(name of school)_______ towards its clients – the students enrolled in this institution, pursuant to the Vision and Mission of the Department of Education, we are in dire need of a __(name of school facility/equipment you wish to request). The same is considered of great help if we will be provided with the above mentioned school and office equipment to effectively serve our clients conveniently and comfortably.


(For the second paragraph please provide additional reason why the said  school facility/equipment you wish to request is indeed necessary and indicate who will be the recipient and where it will be placed.)


We are hoping for the favorable approval of your good office.


Thank you very much.


Very respectfully yours,





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Letter Request for School Covered Court (Sample)








Good day.

We intend to write this letter to your good office to respectfully request the assistance of _______(NAME OF COMPANY)__________ for the construction of a Covered Court with stage here at ____(NAME OF SCHOOL)______, _____(ADDRESS))____________.

Considerably, it has been long that our school is in need of this multipurpose and recreational facility. As a matter of fact, there were already a substantial number of school activities/events, i.e. academics, sports, among others, that were held in our school in which we hardly find a suitable venue accommodating and conducive.

For several times already, we were compelled to use our school ground and class rooms to cater some of school events. And there were also times in which we were constrained to postpone some of them when it rain. What is worst is that, when it occasionally happened, our school ground will be easily filled with stagnant water, causing us difficulty to hold sports and recreational activities. The same are what experienced during rainy reasons. There are no water drainage yet located in the baseline of our school building.

In addition, the location of our school is central to all public high schools in ____(PLACE OF SCHOOL)_____ and near to the Division Office. Presently, our record shows that the number of student enrollees or population herein keeps increasing yearly. In fact, there are now more than two thousand (2, 000) students enrolled in this institution in the Day and Night Session. And being the central school, most of the sports and academic events/activities, programs, among others, emanated from the Division Office are likely being undertake here in ___(NAME OF SCHOOL)____.

In view of this predicament and exigency, and in the interests of the students’ welfare, we humbly ask the assistance of __(NAME OF COMPANY)____ for the construction of a Covered Court with stage here at (NAME OF SCHOOL). This is to serve for multipurpose school events/activities to be undertaken herein in the forthcoming days.

With its realization, the same would be our deepest gladness and gratitude not just for us teachers and students, but for the students’ parents as well. The public-private partnership has never been growing weary but its strength keep on growing to help build up a more stronger society.

Thank you very much.


Very truly yours,



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College Promisory Note (Sample)



School Director
University of _________________
______________ Campus


Good day.

May I humbly tender this letter to your good office serving as my promissory note to pay half of my outstanding balance of my tuition for the first semester of the school year ________________ on the last week of (Month) (Year), and the other half of which will be paid on the last week of (Month) (Year).

I am previously enrolled with this University in my second year of the course Bachelor of ______________ last semester of the school year _______________. However due to financial constraints, I was able to pay only P 200.00 pesos of my tuition. And the remaining outstanding balance is still unpaid at present.

In view of this, I am respectfully asking the approval of your good office allowing me to enroll in the second semester upon paying the admission fee despite of my outstanding obligation with the school. I have no other recourse but to ask humbly your consideration so that the Accounting Department will allow me to enroll with this University. I am very much eager to pursue my studies. Rest assured that my outstanding obligation will be settled by me on the dates aforestated.

I am hoping for your favorable approval on this letter.

Thank you very much.

Very sincerely yours,


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Transmittal Letter (Sample)







Dear _________________:

             Warm Greetings!

In connection with my research study for the subject, ______________________, I respectfully ask your permission to conduct a survey among the ____(specific respondents)_____ of the _(name of the company).

The title of this particular study is: “TITLE OF THE RESEARCH STUDY”.

Your permission and cooperation will be highly appreciated.


Sincerely yours,


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