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The Health Benefits of Music


Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence. It is performed with a vast range of instruments and with vocal techniques ranging from singing to rapping.

The word music derives from Greek μουσική (mousike; “art of the Muses”). In its most general form, the activities describing music as an art form include the production of works of music (songs, tunes, symphonies, and so on), the criticism of music, the study of the history of music, and the aesthetic examination of music.

Historically, in 1000 CE Guido D’Arezzo made many improvements in music theory. He first improved and reworked standard notation to be more user-friendly by adding time signatures. Then he invented solfege. This is the vocal note scale: do, re, mi, fa, so, la ,ti, do. The rest follows are the stories of the evolution of music.

In furtherance, recent studies about the health benefits of music reveals that listening to one’s favourite music can instantly put you in a good mood. But scientists are now discovering that music can do more than just to lift ones’ spirits.

The beneficial effects of music have been known for thousands of years. Ancient philosophers from Plato to Confucius and the kings of Israel sang the praises of music and used it to help soothe stress.

Recent findings also disclosed, from the fresh research in Austria, they had found out that listening to music can help patients with chronic back pain. And a recent survey by Mind – the mental health charity – found that after counselling, patients found group therapy such as art and music therapy, the most useful.

A study reported by MNT, found that infants remained calmer for longer when they were played music rather than spoken to, even when speech involved baby talk.

Likewise, multiple studies link music study to academic achievement.

The practice of music therapy has now become a way to treat neurological conditions from Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s to anxiety and depression.

Now, advances in neuroscience and brain imaging are revealing what’s actually happening in the brain as patients listen to music or play instruments and why the therapy works. “It’s been substantiated only in the last year or two that music therapy can help restore the loss of expressive language in patients with aphasia” following brain injury from stroke, says Oliver Sacks, the noted neurologist and professor at Columbia University, who explored the link between music and the brain in his recent book Musicophilia. Beyond improving movement and speech, he says, music can trigger the release of mood-altering brain chemicals and once-lost memories and emotions.

Another study conducted in 2013 found that listening to music help reduce pain and anxiety for children at the UK’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. According to some researchers, music may help alleviate stress by lowering the body’s cortisol levels – the hormone released in response to stress. Simple stress reduction techniques such as facial massage or muscle release exercises can often enhance the music’s magic.

Music can have important effects on the cooperative spirits of those exposed to music.

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First Vita Plus, The Story That Transform The Lives of Millions


I purposely write this article in order to share the worldwide community that there were these health products existed whom I lately discovered, which I fully believed, based on my research, testimonies of users, personal experience, and trainings that I attended, that can change the lives of millions of people, on their HEALTH CONDITIONS and FINANCIAL SITUATIONS.

I am the author of this website. And some of the articles posted herein were written by a Guidance Counselor in the Department of Education, a Cum Laude graduate after obtaining a degree of A.B. Psychology, and is now almost completed with her Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling, who is my wife.

I conferred the degree of A.B. Political Science and had graduated as Magna Cum Laude. Thereafter my graduation in College, I worked in the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the City and subsequently in the Regional Office. While working in DOJ, I finished my Master’s Degree in Public Administration and pursue my study in the College of Law until I reached in the third (3rd) year. For more than six (6) years of my affiliation therein, I learned a lot. Until such time that I opt to work in a Mining Company who happens to be the largest mining company in Asia in 1980’s. I worked therein as a Policies and Procedures Officer which has an equivalent rank of Unit Manager. However, several months of working thereof, I decided to resign due to health reasons. There were so many health problems that I suffered at that time. And I believed it was because of stress from work, environment and the food that I ate. Hence I thought, in order to settle my health problems once and for all, I must take a rest. Why should I compromise my health? Health is wealth. I also told to myself, if I would not take care of my body, I will die early. It is a matter of fact that in every job or work that we undertake in different fields, we only have one resource, that is, our body and mind. Nothing can be produce and become possible, if these become incapable. Therefrom, I was hired as an Investigator under the Security Department in one large Mining Company Contractor in which I stop few months from working due to, which I believed, corporate politics.

Consequent thereto, I teach in College but only as Part-time. Even at present. I handle different subjects in the undergraduate school, particularly in business administration, and few subjects in the graduate school.

While teaching, I became a trainee for the position of Local Government Legislative Secretary in one Local Government Unit. It has a good compensation. But I can assume the position in the event that the incumbent Secretary who few months from now will retire. But recently, I just decline and turn over the position to others who are qualified. It was a tough decision for me, considering the trust of the Mayor and the Vice-Mayor, Legislative Councilors, and other Department Heads, plus the different trainings and seminars that I attended in support. The reason? I firmly believed that it is more worthy if I will devote my time working with First Vita Plus. The short story hereunder explains why.

Sometime in the last week of September 2015, three (3) young strangers arrived in the office. They asked for permission allowing them to present something to some of my co-employees in the Session Hall. I did not bother to attend and listen to them because I was not interested. Besides, they were still young. They lack experience, learning and financial capacity. Why should I believe? With the experience and credentials that I have? I am not judgmental.  It is just the reality. So I just ignored. After two (2) hours of their talk, more or less, our staff called me and teased, “Sir please come and listen. This portion is favorable for you because you don’t have a yet a baby. You want a baby Sir? This is now the time”. “Really?”, I answered. “Well let me see”. So I joined them and made a joke as the talk goes by. (By the way, I have been married for four (4) years already). Then I listened.

To cut the story short, I was convinced of their talk for the products that they presented, but only 30%. Because I am a man who cannot be easily convinced absence of any proof or evidence. There has to be precedence. Aside from that, I haven’t tried the products yet. I already heard these products before but why should I be instigated to entertain?

Because of my 30% curiosity and interest to join them, I made a research on which I am good at. What I found out, out of my research had augment my understanding more with First Vita Plus. My interest to join them and the Company, and the belief of how effective the products are, turns 50%. To fill my gaps of curiosity, I attended their trainings. My interest and belief of the products becomes 70%. But you know what was totally AMAZING? It was during the time when I personally test and use the product. My BELIEF on how effective the products were becomes 100%.  In addition, their marketing plan was very well studied. I shake my head, wow, WHEN YOU JOIN THE COMPANY AND USE THE PRODUCT/S, YOU WILL BECOME EMPOWER!


Whether the reader would either believe me or not, it doesn’t matter. These products have already changed my life and millions of people. So many testimonies of those who suffered benign and malignant diseases and illnesses attesting that they were healed. INITIAL FINDINGS SHOWS GUYABANO EXTRACTS APPEAR TO KILL CANCER CELLS WHILE LEAVING NORMAL CELLS REMAIN UNAFFACTED which in the first place, I cannot believe. But so many users suffering from this type of disease can attest that they were eventually healed in the process. I, myself, can also attest when I use and intake the product personally. No overdosage, no side effects. It’s a vegetable in a drink. But very powerful. Plus, the Company has already created thousands of Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires which few months from now, I believed, I will be part of the list.

Thanks a lot to the Lord God Almighty. Thanks a lot to the Company.

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